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What is CONSERVATION MANITOU ? Founded by area residents concerned about the negative effects of development on the ecology and esthetics in the Lake Manitou region, CONSERVATION MANITOU is a registered charity whose mission is to preserve and protect the ecosystem and natural environment of Lake Manitou and its surrounding areas, by acquiring land and conservation easements, either donated or purchased, and providing stewardship services in perpetuity

Why is conservation a priority? The region around Lake Manitou has important topographical, ecological and heritage features. Its mountains, mature forests, wetlands, streams, tributary lakes, and abundant flora and fauna, form a vital ecosystem that contributes to the health of Lake Manitou and its watershed. It is considered a priority area for facilitating wildlife movement in the Lower Laurentians and is part of the Tremblant-Prévost Natural Corridor included in the conservation plan of the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

How will we preserve the ecosystem? CONSERVATION MANITOU is authorized to issue tax receipts for donations received for the purpose of preserving land and paying stewardship costs. It is also qualified to accept land and servitudes under the Ecological Gift Program for which donors receive tax credits and exemptions from capital gains taxes. We also work with recognized conservation groups to assist us in our efforts to protect natural areas.

How you can help? Landowners need to understand the importance of their role in preserving the natural environment and how it will help protect the ecosystem for generations to come. If the need to sell arises, owners should consider offering CONSERVATION MANITOU a right of first refusal to purchase their land. The corporation requires significant donations to acquire land and servitudes, and also for ecological assessments and ongoing stewardship costs. CONSERVATION MANITOU must have sufficient financial resources to be able to compete with potential purchasers such as developers, and build endowment funds.

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